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It's a girl.



Poe's 200th

When I was 16 years old I devoured my first Edgar Allan Poe book; it was "Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque", a collection of short stories, containing some of the best from him. It also included "The Raven", "The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket" and "The Gold-Bug".

Such stories got a huge impact on my young self. The things I write about today in the comics are influenced by this author. I even named the raven in the strips after him.
He has an impact on the things I dream, to this day.

I love (still do) the horror, the shock, the resurrected and the undead, the cryptography, the loneliness.

It's Allan Poe's 200th birthday anniversary this monday. I hope he reads this jornal.

Edgar, you're my favorite Edgar. And I know quite a few.

It's >not a boy.

Gerard Urdiales Green told us he could see no "little gun", so it was probably a girl.
"Come again in 10 days or 2 weeks; I'll do a complementary eco, free of charge, and I'll be able to tell you for sure".

So, it's pretty much a girl.

We'll name her Isabella.


Emo heart

Thank you. ^-^

Last post of 2006

This is me.

Happy 2007 for you all. :)


I started posting on VOX, (Thanx, LOGOVO. ;)

I'm at http://jackinthe.vox.com/.
My innitials are jac.

Oh, if someone's interested, I have a few invitations to join VOX. Let me now.


Posting from the PSP... Hi! ^-^

Mokky Mokk

It's mokk's birthday!
Happy birthday, girl!

I wish you... the best.

I seldom do

Not much time for extra-drawing.
Hi! ^-^

no subject--

I have not enough.
If I could sleep less and less...
If I could skip.
I would do more.
I would post a drawing instead
The eye of night.


Many pics. Well, just 9.

Big picture update under the cutCollapse )


Now, in the fun department:

Thanx, 4UM. ^_^


Leaving to Neverland

I just saw "Ghost World". On a friday. At work.
Then I saw "End of Evangelion".
Then I took this quiz:

Which Peter Pan no Boken character are you?

Peter Pan
You're quirky and independent

Take this quiz!

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I'm thinking of leaving my blog in favor for this LiveJournal. I'll get a smaller number of readers, but isn't it what I want?

Speaking of Harry Potter.